Energy and Climate Change

The university’s attention to the use of energy and climate change issues takes the highest weighting in this ranking. In our questionnaire we define several indicators for this particular area of concern, i.e. energy efficient appliances usage, renewable energy usage policy, total electricity use, energy conservation program, green building, climate change adaptation and mitigation program, greenhouse gas emission reductions policy. With this indicator, universities are expected to increase the effort in energy efficiency on their buildings and to take more about nature and energy resources.

The indicators are:

  1. Energy efficient appliances usage are replacing conventional appliances
  2. Smart Building implementation
  3. Number of renewable energy sources in campus
  4. The total electricity usage divided by total campus population (kWh per person)
  5. The ratio of renewable energy produced towards energy usage
  6. Elements of green building implementation as reflected in all construction and renovation policy
  7. Greenhouse gas emission reductions program
  8. The ratio of total carbon footprint divided campus population