Transportation system plays an important role on the carbon emission and pollutant level in university. Transportation policy to limit the number of motor vehicles in campus, the use of campus bus and bicycle will encourage a healthier environment. The pedestrian policy will encourage students and staff to walk around campus, and avoid using private vehicle. The use of environmentally friendly public transportation will decrease carbon footprint around campus.

The indicators are:

  1. The Ratio of total vehicles (cars and motorcycles) divided by total campus population
  2. Shuttle service
  3. Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) policy on campus
  4. The ratio of Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) divided by total campus population
  5. Ratio of parking area to total campus area
  6. Transportation program designed to limit or decrease the parking area on campus for the last 3 years (from 2015 to 2017)
  7. Number of transportation initiatives to decrease private vehicles on campus
  8. Pedestrian path policy on campus